Employment of alien artists, musicians, artistic ensembles

The Civil Registry and Migration Department grants Entry/Temporary Residence and Work Permits to alien artists, who will be employed in musical - dancing places providing entertainment.

The applications for these cases are submitted through artistic agents, according to the process followed, who are also responsible for the normal residence of the alien artists in Cyprus.

Moreover, this Department grants for individuals, companies, hotels etc. Entry/Temporary Residence and Work Permits to artists, who will work in hotel units, in theatres, circuses and for other cultural events, for a few days only.

Applications are submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department through the District Aliens and Immigration Branches of the Police.

Required documents

  • Application on Form M.58A.
  • A photocopy of alien's passport.
  • A Bank letter of guarantee CYŁ200-500, depending on the country of origin of the alien, to cover possible repatriation expenses.
  • A return ticket.
  • A certificate from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue that the artist's income tax has been paid.
  • CYŁ20 (Fees for submission of application).

For more information those interested may communicate with telephones 22804506, 22804423, 22804482 and fax 22804480.

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