Cyprus employment of domestic assistants

According to the criteria, defined by the Council of Ministers, the employment of the foreign domestic assistants may be allowed in the following cases:

  1. Families of which both the husband and the wife work, that is they pay contribution to the Social Securities Fund and have children under the age of 12 are allowed to employ domestic assistants.
  2. When the family has a declared income of more than CY£30,000 annually.
  3. When foreign women are to take care of aged persons, invalids, persons with special needs or persons suffering from a serious illness as a result of which they are incapable of taking care of themselves.

Required documents:

  • Application on form M. 58.
  • A photocopy of foreigner's passport
  • A work contract stamped with a revenue stamp from the Revenue Stamps Registrar (4,50 Cyprus Pounds for each year of employment).
  • A Bank letter of guarantee for 200-500 Cyprus Pounds, depending on the country of origin of the foreigner, to cover possible repatriation expenses, valid for six months after the expiration of the work contract.
  • Birth certificates of the children of the applicant (employer) – where applicable.
  • A certificate from the Social Securities Department that both parents (applicants) work and make contributions – where applicable.
  • A certificate from the Inland Revenue Department that the annual income of the applicant's family exceeds the amount of 30,000 Cyprus Pounds – where applicable.
  • Medical certificates and other documents regarding persons incapable of taking care of themselves – where applicable.
  • Documents regarding pensioners and aged people such as particulars about pension, date of birth etc. – where applicable.

Applications for the issue of entry and work permits in general categories of employment are submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department by the intended employer, through the respective District Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police, on condition that the foreigners are abroad. The applications should be accompanied by a work contract.

Renewal of residence and work permits

For the renewal of the Temporary Residence and Work Permit of the foreigners, it is necessary to submit an application on form M.61 through the District Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police and to pay a fee of 20 Cyprus Pounds. Before the submission of the application the alien is registered at the District Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police. For this registration the alien's passport, three photographs of his/her and a fee of 20 Cyprus Pounds should be produced.

For more information those interested may communicate with the telephones 22804425, 22804424, 22804412, 22804414, 22804415 and fax 22804595 regarding matters of General Employment and with telephones 22804580, 22804431, 22804432, 22804481 and fax 22676944 regarding Domestic Assistants.

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